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  "We leverage our direct industry expertise to help you solve your specific business needs. Each of our consultants and developers has been there—on the line, in the center. We donít just dust off old reports and change the name—we show you how to improve your business. "

Dan Winston, founder of CCT Group, Inc.

About Us

CCT Group was founded by Dan Winston in 1995 to address the opportunities that new technologies, including the Internet, provide for call centers. CCT Group has leveraged its call center background with a unique understanding of the applicability of technology to solve real business problems.

CCT Group is a full-service consulting company focused on finding the right solutions for the changing needs of business in changing times. Our business development, marketing, and advertising efforts have helped companies forge affiliate relationships with the largest portal and shopping sites on the World Wide Web.

Our custom application development division help companies develop specific Internet/Intranet, database, application and PDA solutions. Our rapid prototyping capability helps companies test business concepts, quickly deploy microsites, and demonstrate commercial viability for new products and services.

CCT Group specializes in the user-experience, making sure that all of our development projects suit your team and resolve the issues you set out to conquer. Our project lead defines a product that will address the problems your team faces. Our technical writers document policies and procedures in clear and precise format. Our product designers lay out the interface in an easy-to-use format.

Contact us

Email: info@cctgroup.com