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Call Center
Process Review
CCT Group's comprehensive workflow process review helps to identify inconsistencies and inefficiencies in your current process and targets areas for improvement. Our consultants will visit your site and conduct a thorough evaluation of your call center process. We will observe agents at work, evaluating the usability of existing online systems, and assessing the after-call work process. We will monitor calls, evaluating the skills level and training needs of your agents. We will compile statistics on key data including call types, volumes, peak call times. We will then develop flowcharts that depict our understanding of your process flows and review them with your staff and management. After we develop a complete set of flowcharts, we will meet with your call center management to review our findings.

Operations Review We analyze the current and past performance of your call center, focusing on agent performance indicators, call center and agent standards, and reporting metrics. CCT Group will leverage their extensive experience with Fortune 500 clients to offer recommendations based on benchmarking and best practices.

Strategic Planning CCT Group has extensive experience in developing strategic plans outlining the vision of world class service and incorporating the tactical steps required to obtain it.

Technology Assessment, Selection, and Acquisition CCT Group can help your organization assess, select, and acquire the various technologies necessary to deliver superior service and optimal performance, including ACD, PBX, voice processing, contact management software, forecasting and scheduling software and CTI technologies. We can also help in the following:
  • development of RFPs
  • development of system requirements
  • development of vendor selection criteria
  • implementation and installation of technology

Scheduling and Forecasting The ability to develop a forecast and budget that reflects your organization's objectives and accurately depicts your call center dynamics is a key component to successfully managing a call center.

CCT Group has experience in developing capacity plan models for a variety of businesses. Our model utilizes the center's Service Level goal, occupancy rate, and average handle time to determine the hours required to handle the forecasted monthly call load, taking into account such factors as vacations, absences, training and meetings to determine true staffing requirements.

While forecasting and scheduling packages can be a tremendous help in providing call center management with the tools required for maintaining staffing at appropriate levels, the tools are only as good as the initial input and underlying assumptions. Our consultants will work with your management team to identify your center's call mix, talk time, after-call work and other variables that impact on capacity.

Project Management/Call Center Consolidation We have helped numerous organizations consolidate their call center operations and achieve significant service level improvements and major operational cost savings. Equally as important is the vast experience our project management team has in developing and executing projects of this magnitude.