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ASSIST is an intranet application designed to help staff in a state tax environment. ASSIST contains such information as procedures, statutes, forms, codes, and contact information. Content can be linked so that users can refer to a statute change that has affected the procedure they're viewing. The Calculators perform mathematical equations and can also follow pre-determined logic to conclude eligibility or dates.

Cut down on call times. Providing the answers at your CSR's fingertips reduces call times. Don't force your rep to search through manuals and hardcopy pages of text. ASSIST allows users to perform searches based on the information. Search for a statute by name, number, or even category. ASSIST is specifically designed to provide information quickly.

Assist callers with confidence. Information in ASSIST is written and displayed with the end-user in mind. Procedures are easy to follow. Information is easy to find. Rather than requiring your reps to read through a 5-page form description, tell them to click on the form. ASSIST forms contain pop-ups that provide definitions and instructions on how to fill out the section.

Stop worrying about updates. When a law or a procedure changes, it's important to communicate the change to your co-workers and staff. Rather than photocopying a memo and worrying about versions and distribution, update it on ASSIST and rest assured that the entire company is referring to the new version.

For more information or for a live demo, contact us at assist@cctgroup.com. Use the link below to see a sample of how ASSIST works.

See a demo