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TroubleTree is the first web tool that is specifically designed to help customers help themselves.

Empower your customers to help themselves. TroubleTree is the only web-based troubleshooting tool designed for the most common customer issues. These problems and inquiries account for up to 80% of your customer service contacts.

Reduce call volume. TroubleTree helps support your multi-channel customer contact strategy by providing customers with troubleshooting assistance over the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Simple to use, simple to maintain, and simple to install. Designed for companies that seek to leverage their e-commerce sites, TroubleTree integrates seamlessly into your website and establishes web-based "self help" as an integral part of your e-service strategy.

For more information or for a live demo, contact us at troubletree@cctgroup.com.

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