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The CCT Group Sample Capacity Plan allows you to calculate required agents on a monthly basis. This plan can be used to feed a financial forecast. The inputs required are incoming calls and the components of paid productivity: handle time, occupancy, efficiency, and paid allowances. The outputs are full time equivalents and paid productivity.

Send email to info@cctgroup.com to receive your free copy in Microsoft Excel 97 format. In the email, please include the following information:
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 Call Center Capacity Plan Feed Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Total
 Total Accounts  
 Call Rate (Calls/Account/Month)
 Call Volume/Month          
 Calls Offered  
 Calls Handled  
 Abandon Rate (%)
 # Weekday Equivalents in Month    
 # Weekdays  
 # Weekend/Holiday Days  
 Weekend/Holiday Day Adjustment (%)  
 Workdays for Planning    
 Daily Equivalent Call Volume:    
 Call Mix (Sales/Service)          
 Percentage Sales Calls (%)  
 Sales Call Handle Time
 Percentage Service Calls (%)  
 Service Call Handle Time
 Average Handle Time  
 Occupancy (%)
 Miscellaneous Non Scheduled (Efficiency) (%)
 Projected Rate (Calls per System Hour)  
 Projected Rate (Calls per 8-hour Day)  
 Daily Hours required to handle call volume    
 Monthly Hours required to handle call volume  
 FTE required to handle call volume    
 Vacation (%)
 Absences (%)
 Disability (%)
 Breaks (%)
 Remedial Training (%)
 Total Allowances (%)  
 Total Hours Required to Cover Allowances  
 Grand Total Hours Required  
 Full Time Equivalents Required (@ 8 hours/day)  
 Total Productivity (Calls per Paid Hour)