Our Specialties

 our Specialties

From a 30-minute needs assess-ment to a full re-build

CCT Group has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including IBM, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, and Metlife, and has also helped numerous start-ups. Our engagements last from a half a day to 5+ years. Let’s chat about how we can help you.

return to the office

Are you fully prepared for your office to re-open? You need to make sure you’re doing everything right. Visit our partner, CDC Checklist Compliance, LLC.

free 30-minute needs assessment

Let’s chat about your priorities. From efficiently and safely returning to your offices to identifying the best place to start, our five point process will provide immediate guidance whether you engage us for more work or not.

Help Tools

Whether you use our free knowledge tool ASSIST, or populate a popular solution such as Zendesk™, Salesforce™, or any other help system or CMS, it’s only useful if your information is organized and consistent. Typically, companies approach Help as a technical challenge when the real issue is knowledge management. We’ll show you why our proprietary approach to KM, used to build over 200 systems world wide, is central to providing greater service at lower costs.

business operations consulting

Are your customers giving you the highest satisfaction ratings or do you have lots of complaints about wait times and quality? Are you making your customers happy, but feel that you might be overstaffed? Have you learned anything from the pandemic that will help you improve service delivery and productivity while also reducing your costs? For over 20 years, we have proven that service and productivity are not in competition with one another. Let’s talk…

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