Returning to the Office

Returning to the office


Are you fully prepared for your office to re-open?

You are responsible for complying with ever-changing guidelines from the CDC, OSHA, state, and local authorities and for communicating updated return to work plans with your employees. How can you possibly keep up while you are focused on running your business? How will you gain the confidence of your staff that the office is safe? We begin with our 30 Point CDC Readiness Checklist Audit, help you fill gaps, and monitor government authorities for changes that might impact you. 1-2-3...

1. Begin with our 30 Point CDC Readiness Audit

Our audit identifies gaps between your re-open plans and the latest guidance from federal and local guidelines.

2. Fill gaps so you can get your office re-opened

We'll help you assure that you and your employees feel safe in returning to the office and you'll have a comprehensive independent audit you can share.

3. Stay in Compliance and stay safe

We'll monitor all federal and local agencies including the CDC, OSHA, state and local Boards of Health and notify you if a change impacts you.

Return to the Office Consulting from CCT Group

We offer a full range of specialized services beginning with our 30 Point CDC Readiness Checklist Audit, a detailed assessment of where your plan stacks up against CDC, OSHA, and local guidelines. We complement the checklist with full end-to-end planning and execution of a back-to-work strategy, bringing in licensed building engineers, attorneys, trainers and other professionals as needed. And, we monitor updates for you so you don’t have to worry.

It all starts here…

30 point CDC Readiness Checklist Audit

Our detailed step-by-step audit will compare your return-to -office readiness with the latest guidance from the CDC, OSHA, and local authorities. We monitor and review all public communications from federal, state, city, and county health and safety agencies so you and your employees can feel assured that you are doing everything necessary to keep them safe in the workplace.

Of course, we are available to help manage the entire effort or help you to close gaps between your plan and the guidance of authorities.

We will continue to monitor updates from the authorities and make sure you have the tools and information you need to comply with changes. We are all still in the early stages of understanding the spread of COVID19 and these agencies update their guidance as new evidence is found.

specialized return to office services from CCT Group

Return to the office plan

We’ll help you build a plan for your employees to return to the office efficiently and safely, and importantly, with staff buy-in. Our 10+ years experienced operations consultants will manage components of your return to office plans, or the entire project.

Floor plan design or review

Assure that your seating plan, traffic flow, bathrooms  and other common areas meet all federal and local guidelines. Recommend barriers and other social distancing options. Review signs and other  reminders to help staff comply with plans. We will bring in licensed architects as needed for planning and permitting

Facilities and cleaning

We’ll help you build protocols for cleaning and disinfecting your workplace and advising on your building’s common spaces. Our licensed building engineers can help evaluate common spaces in your building and also arrange for air filter testing at your workspaces.

Employee Health and Wellness Planning

We’ll help you develop protocols and document an employee health monitoring plan that outlines the expectations you have for your staff and covers all scenarios. We provide documentation of new office protocols, including those for social distancing and PPE. Our compliance attorneys will assure that your plan meets HIPAA and other federal and state privacy laws.

Staff Policies and Communications

We’ll help you build a complete communications strategy to document your back to office policies, protocols, and procedures and can update your employee manual as needed. We offer a customized online course (scored or not) for your employees to learn about what is expected of them and what they can expect from you. We also have professional  trainers available  for live training as needed. 

Office and PPE Supply Management

We can manage your inventory of PPE and cleaning/disinfectant and make sure you have an ample supply of everything you need to maintain a safe work environment regardless of future waves of COVID19 or other dangerous viruses.